Your support sends an important message to an audience that no one else is reaching. Police officers, police agencies, anti-DUI organizations and community members have publicly come out to support Mr. Checkpoint. It is a privilege to serve the community and I thank you all for your time, energy and anticipated support, necessary to keep Mr. Checkpoint independent.

There are currently 3 different paid membership options available from Mr. Checkpoint.

1.) Through the new Nation-Wide Mr. Checkpoint App. The app includes features that allow users to place alerts for Police (which will include DUI Checkpoints), Speedtraps, I.C.E (Immigration), Stop Sign, J Walking, Red Light Camera, Smog Checkpoints, Other, and Accidents (which will be available in the next update). Alerts are currently set for 4 hours and will disappear afterwards unless someone gives a thumbs up on the alert, which will reset the alert timer. You can also comment on the alerts and let people know if it’s still there or not. 

The app also has the option of adding incidents. The incidents are for interactions with police, whether positive or negative, that you can enter into the app and rate 1-5 stars. These incidents will serve as a database that anyone can look through and see positive and negative interactions with specific police officers.

You are able to filter alerts & incidents in the app for free. As well as see your own posts and filter those in order to edit them or delete them if you wish to remove them later. 

$3.99 Monthly Subscription in The App includes push notification alerts. You will be able to set the mile radius in the options and will receive notifications on your phone anytime an alert is posted within that radius of you. As of now that is the only difference between the free version and paid subscription. The monthly price and what is included in the paid version will likely change in the near future as updates and new features are added to the app. 

Upgrading to the $3.99 a month option for the app, is done inside the app. Once you have downloaded and opened the app you can click the profile option at the very top right of the screen. Then there will be a Mr. Checkpoint PRO option that you can select with an option to Subscribe now $3.99/month

Download the app on iTunes here:

Download the app on Google Play here:

2.) Patreon $2 a month COMMUNITY option. We create DUI Checkpoint posts every Friday & Saturday. We also have them for holidays and other days of the week that we get checkpoint locations. We also post smog checkpoints here and there as we get those locations. You will get an email anytime we post on Patreon. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Holidays we send email reminders throughout the night as well, whenever the post has had several new locations added to it. So sometimes you will receive anywhere from 1-5 new emails a night with the updated list in your email. You can also access the posts anytime you wish which are updated in real time. They can be accessed via the Patreon App or on the computer. We also post the locations on but you will have to log in with your Patreon account to see them. 

3.) Patreon $5 a month MEMBER option. The $5 a month option includes everything the $2 a month option has, but also includes Real-Time TEXT MESSAGES. Text messages are available for the following areas: Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego, and Northern California (which basically includes everywhere north of Los Angeles/Ventura Counties). For the $5 a month you can include all 5 areas if you wish or mix and match. But you are only allowed to have one phone number submitted. Texts go out as soon as possible during the night as we receive locations. 

You can choose one of the Patreon options on this page and sign up right here. or you can visit

[tmpmela_pricingtable target=”_blank” heading=”COMMUNITY” button_text=”Join $2 tier” button_link=”” price=”$2″ price_per=”only”]- POSTS ONLY ACCESS – . California DUI Checkpoint locations updated every friday and saturday night at 6pm, 9pm, and midnight PST. Your support is much appreciated and allows us to do what we love, help others![/tmpmela_pricingtable]
[tmpmela_pricingtable selected=”yes” target=”_blank” heading=”MEMBER” button_text=”Join $5 Tier” button_link=”″ price=”$5″ price_per=”only”]- EVERYTHING COMMUNITY PLUS: – . Real-Time SMS Text Message Alerts Smog, DUI, and License Checkpoints in the following areas: . Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego and Northern California . First access to content[/tmpmela_pricingtable]
Mr. Checkpoint
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Yes, you can checkout with your credit card or debit card using Paypal and you won’t need to make a paypal account.

$3.99 a month and standard texting rates may apply through your carrier.

It can take up to 1 business day to be entered into the database so that the next checkpoint text alert we send in the area that you signed up for, you will receive.

For 1 membership you can get 2 counties, although you can only pick one on the checkout page. To add a county other than the one you picked email after you sign up with your cell number and transaction ID and we will add the additional county. If you want all 4 areas you will need to sign up twice or put quantity 2 on checkout page.

Los Angeles County = downtown LA, to Ventura including Malibu, Santa Monica, The San Fernando Valley, etc.

Inland Empire = Riverside and San Bernardino

San Diego = Chula Vista, Escondido, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Gaslamp, Lemon Grove, etc.

Orange County = Huntington Beach, Newport, Santa Ana, etc.

You won’t get a confirmation text. You will get a text next time we confirm a checkpoint in your area. It is possible a week or two may pass without any checkpoints being conducted. If you are wanting to double check you are in the database you can ask via email

We do report nearly 99% of all checkpoints conducted in Southern California.

If you would like to support the Mr. Checkpoint service with $1.99 a month but don’t want text messages just pick support instead of a city. Your generosity is much appreciated.

Email to unsubscribe at any time. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Make sure to include your cell number and how you paid if wanting the refund.

Whenever we get a heads up there is a smog, license, or DUI checkpoint.

We currently only service Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and Inland Empire with Checkpoint text alerts.

We do post other areas on our social media. We will add text alerts city by city across the nation, as demand increases.

I use social media, technology, and our community of over 600,000 people to locate and confirm checkpoints.

We are happy to hear from you, email