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INHUMANE! Brooklyn Jail has no power for 1 week!


This is a jail in Brooklyn! Repost from someone who wanted to be anonymous

“I’ve heard from an attorney who was inside today that the situation is actually much worse than is being reported with for a week the cells being in total darkness, no access to laundry, medicine or bandages, no communication with families or attorneys and remember, all of these people are human beings and a to court yet! That’s right, many of them haven’t even been to court and are presumed to be (and likely are) innocent and yet they are being subjected to absolute torture.”

This report below was just posted by @shaunking
‪I just left this jail in Brooklyn. ‬ ‪It is FREEZING. ‬ ‪And nobody was there to fix the heat or electricity. NOBODY. No emergency crew. Nothing. 6 straight days.‬ ‪Just protestors chanting “They are human beings” as the men bang on the windows in the cold. ‬ ‪It’s clearly not a priority. ‬It’s egregious. THE ONLY REASON it has not been fixed is because our government does not believe these men are fully human.
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