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On episode 1, I answer how many points does it take to suspend a license, what to do if cops keep asking you questions after you tell them you don’t want to answer them, and how to grow the #mrcheckpointcommunity wherever you’re from. Comment your questions so I can answer them for future episodes. Btw I’m not a lawyer.. Comment a question below and make sure you’re following us on instagram 🙂 https://www.instagram.com/p/BsJkD5CH_81

1. How many points until license is suspended?

You can only have 4 points in 1 year, 6 points in 2 years, 8 points in 3 years before they suspend your license for being a negligent operator.

CORRECTION: Most points (illegal turn, not making a complete stop, driving over the speed limit, etc.) and/or accidents will stay on your driver record for 39 months (3 years, 3 months). Points for more serious offenses, such as hit-and-run or a DUI, will stay on your record for 13 years.. Best way to keep points off your record or get an expungement for a DUI is to hire an experienced attorney.

2. If you say, “I don’t answer questions” and the cops keep trying, what can you do?

It is very likely the cops will continue to ask questions after you tell them you don’t answer questions. Once you tell them you don’t answer questions, and they ask another question, you ask, “am I being detained or am I free to go?”. If they ask another question your respond with “I invoke the 5th” meaning you tell the officer verbally that you use your constitutional right to not answer their questions, and lastly as Pot Brothers At Law advises, you Shut The Fuck Up.. There is absolutely nothing you can say that will help you or your potential case. Everything you say can and will be used against you and nothing that you say that could help you will ever be recalled, remembered, or used in court.

3. How to start Mr. Checkpoint in my community?

a. you have a first amendment right to record police in uniform and on duty, as long as you are not interrupting their investigation and in California you don’t have to tell the officer you are recording. b. if you witness misconduct or experience personally file a complaint. Document dates, officers names, and stay on top of it. I prefer go into the station and record the interactions or if I call, i record that, but check your states law to make sure its allowed. c. You can also digitally share when and where police are hiding in your town or city.. I have a sign I made, its huge and cost me $100 to print but I can send you as an attachment, so you can get one printed any size you like and help your community be safer without costing them an expensive ticket. d. jury duty, this is very important. Typically jurors tend to be older people who always side with the police and don’t understandcops can and do lie and abuse their power, which is why even when cops are on trial, they rarely get convicted. Jury duty is one of the most patriotic things we can and should do. e. share and post videos of police abuse on your social media so that more people see the reality of what police do and can get away with. Before social media we get our view of police conduct from the news, movies, and shows like COPS, which only show one perspective, the one they want us to see. As cell phone footage is continually taken and shared of police encounters we are seeing a different reality.

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