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California DUI Checkpoints Friday July 2nd 2021


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Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints

6pm-11pm – Los Angeles – Sunset Blvd & Fairfax Ave

6pm-11pm – Los Angeles – Florence Ave & S Central Ave

6pm-11pm – Los Angeles – La Brea Ave & Obama Blvd

7pm-12am – Los Angeles – Venice Blvd & Walgrove Ave

Los Angeles – Manchester Ave under the 110 fwy

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Inland Empire DUI Checkpoints

Check back for updates

Orange County DUI Checkpoints

Buena Park – Crescent Ave & Beach Blvd

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San Diego DUI Checkpoints

8pm – Poway – undisclosed location

July 2-5 – San Diego – Maximum Enforcement

Kern/Bakersfield DUI Checkpoints

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Northern California DUI Checkpoints

6pm-3am – Goleta – undisclosed location

6pm-1am – San Rafael – undisclosed location

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