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Car Accident Interaction With San Bernardino Police – Community Stories


This story is referencing a car accident. 

This was my experience today, I contacted our mayor via email in hope to bring it their attention.

I’m not against our police department, I appreciate what the majority do for our community but I encourage everyone to speak up and report police misconduct. This could easily be you or a loved one.

On Friday I went to the San Bernardino police station in person with my mom and asked the police department how to go about it and they took down my information only to be told that I would be contacted by the officer in question? This seemed as a form of intimidation. The officer falsified his police report there were a few in-discrepancies one being the silver car in front of my mom and two stating he talked with my mother admitting at being at fault, this never occurred he showed up when she was being taken by ambulance and when I had asked him he said he was going to the hospital to take her statement, which he never showed. The report was one sided and only has the other 2 parties version, at the time of the accident the other driver stated that the silver car was tailing him, he relayed that to me 2x, once at the scene and once again at the hospital when he asked if my mom was ok.

 Today I was lost for words, I went back this morning again with my mom and asked to speak with a Sargent, after some time he came out and said “if that’s what the officer wrote on the report then that’s what happened” long story short he tried to intimidate me by saying if I was sure about what I was saying that they have body cameras so he would prove me wrong I said “perfect” he supposedly went to review them, came back and said the officer did speak with her she probably doesn’t remember from the accident” so I said “may I see this video because I was there” he said “no I’m not saying its on video but I have 2 officers now saying they did take her statement” (how convenient, said they carried body cameras but all of a sudden since it wasn’t in their favor he didn’t have it?) Also that there are two parties saying the silver car was in front of my mom, and I said of course the one involved and the one who struck her, (he confirmed this) he also said “of course I know you are trying to defend your mother” and I said and as you are with your officers, at that point it was awkward and he said ” no one died and no is going to jail for this its a minor traffic accident, I don’t understand”. I told him only this is costing us on our insurance, he said that was not their problem on their end that’s something we were going to deal with on our own, I told him it was with reports like this. He then just asked if there was anything else he could help us with.

I was more upset at the fact that I know he is covering for his officers misconduct, and then he tried to sweep it under the rug like its no big deal. I contacted the Mayors office through email, I brought up the issue and my experience in hopes that they question the way the department carries itself. I’m hopeful that the insurance lawyers can request that body cam footage which I am sure they won’t have, my brother was there and so was another witness who can also say that not one officer took my mother’s statement. I would not go through such lengths if it were not true. My mother is scared and asked me to leave it alone, but I’m sorry I’m very bothered by it. The photos I sent to her claims agent can determine that if in fact she did turn west while facing North then how would she sustain damage to her driver side and the other drivers side.

Story submitted by @cesar_arturo91 

Mr. Checkpoint Disclaimer – We receive many stories from followers and the community. We wish to share these stories. We understand how sharing these experiences can help the mending process to move forward & be heard. Some will have video, recordings, and photos, others will not.  We don’t state anything you see as fact or true. Please use your own discretion on whether you want to believe the information presented is true or not. Some stories are shared anonymously at the authors discretion. If you have any questions or concerns email info@mrcheckpoint.com.


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