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Cops rough up 2 teenage girls


These cops should be held accountable. This is why we ALWAYS FILM THE POLICE #AFTP #mrcheckpointcommunity

REPOST @sw33t.tr3atz: “My 15 year old daughter and her friends were at the gas station in Gardena when police pulled behind them to question the vehicle. The kids were placed on the ground with there hands behind there heads the police by the name of Hooker took my daughter Jeila Burkett first and began to search her. Which is illegal I thought because she’s a female. The officer claims Jeila was being defient wit his commands and then he began to slam my daughter against the ground on her face. There was also a curb there were her face was slammed n now has a permanent mark. There was more to this after that I also placed a video attached for u to see the impact and feel how my baby felt getting handled by law inforcement that she trust in. Please help me bring this officer to justice. He need retraining or anger management… Then her friend goes over to see if she’s ok u know being a teenager u wanna see. Then she gets tackled also. Her name is Kyia Porter. The police once I get to the station and see what’s going on says that the car was stolen but the kids were not n the car it was parked at the gas station pump so was the officer following them or what cause if so he would of noticed that my daughter Jeila had just got in the car from off the bus. She was coming home from school. The officer had began to search the girls starting with my daughter, Jeila. Once I received the video I was very upset wit how he handled the situation with these being teen girls.”


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