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DUI Checkpoints Friday May 20th 2022


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Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints

3pm-11pm – DUI Saturation Patrol – West Los Angeles Area

5pm-1am – DUI Saturation Patrol – Newton Area

5pm-1am – DUI Saturation Patrol – Olympic Area

6pm-2am – DUI Saturation Patrol – South Bureau Area

6pm-11pm – North Hills – Balboa Blvd & Nordhoff St

Downey – Paramount Blvd & E Florence Ave

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Inland Empire DUI Checkpoints

7pm-3am – Rancho Mirage – Ca-111 near Rancho Mirage Library

7pm-3am – Barstow – undisclosed location

Corona – N Lincoln Ave and River Rd

Temecula – Rancho California Rd & Margarita Rd

Orange County DUI Checkpoints

8pm-2:15am – Orange – The City Drive South near the fire department

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San Diego DUI Checkpoints

San Diego – near SDSU Campus

Kern/Bakersfield DUI Checkpoints

Check back for updates

Northern California DUI Checkpoints

6pm-3am – Goleta – undisclosed location

Oxnard – Wooley Rd and S A St

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