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DUI Checkpoints Friday May 3rd 2019


This Post will continue to be updated right as new locations come in.

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DUI Checkpoints Friday May 3rd 

Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints

8pm-1am – North Hollywood – Victory Blvd & Bellaire Ave

8pm-1am – Los Angeles – Figueroa St & 9th St

9pm-3am – North Hollywood – DUI Saturation Patrol

Palmdale – Technology Dr & 10th St W

Monterey Park – S Atlantic Blvd & W Riggin St

Paramount – Rosecrans Ave & Orange Ave

7:30pm – Azusa – San Gabriel Canyon Rd & Sierra Madre Ave

7pm-3am – Santa Monica – undisclosed location

6pm-2am – Lancaster – near E Ave I & 5th St E

7pm-2am – Oxnard – near Lindsay Pl & S Rose Ave

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Inland Empire DUI Checkpoints

Ontario – S Mountain Ave & W Phillips St

San Bernardino – W Base Line St & N Arrowhead Ave

Orange County DUI Checkpoints

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Orange – The City Dr S & Style St

San Diego DUI Checkpoints

11pm-3am – San Diego – undisclosed location

Kern/Bakersfield DUI Checkpoints

Check back for updates

Northern California DUI Checkpoints

7:30pm-2:30am – Sacramento – Power Inn Rd near Elder Creek Rd

9pm-3am – San Leandro/Hayward – undisclosed location

7pm-3am – Goleta – undisclosed location

San Jose – S White Rd & Alum Rock Ave

7pm-1:30am – Pittsburg – near Railroad Ave & E Leland Rd

Stockton – Pacific Ave & W Robinhood Dr

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