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DUI Checkpoints Friday November 8th 2019


This Post will continue to be updated as new locations come in.

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Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints

Pasadena – undisclosed location

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Inland Empire DUI Checkpoints

6pm-2am – Ontario – E 6th St & N Vineyard Ave

Moreno Valley – Nandina Ave & N Perris Blvd

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Orange County DUI Checkpoints

9pm-2:30am – Santa Ana – on N Fairview St between W 1st St & W 5th St 

San Diego DUI Checkpoints

Check back for updates

Kern/Bakersfield DUI Checkpoints

6pm-2am – Bakersfield – Stockdale Hwy & California Ave

Northern California DUI Checkpoints

8pm-3am – Santa Rosa – Farmers Ln, Southbound at Sonoma Ave

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