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DUI Checkpoints Friday September 24th 2021


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Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints

6pm-11pm – Van Nuys – Vanowen St & Van Nuys Blvd

6pm-11pm – Los Angeles – Imperial Hwy & Compton Ave

Downey – Old River School Rd & Firestone Blvd

Monrovia – near S Myrtle Ave

Los Angeles – W Oxnard St & De Soto Ave

Pasadena – undisclosed location

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Inland Empire DUI Checkpoints

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Orange County DUI Checkpoints

Fulton – Harbor Blvd, N of Riverside Fwy

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San Diego DUI Checkpoints

6pm-12am – Chula Vista – undisclosed location

El Cajon – Ballantyne St & Broadway

Kern/Bakersfield DUI Checkpoints

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Northern California DUI Checkpoints

Berkeley – Telegraph Ave & Stuart St

Richmond – near Richmond Pkwy & West Macdonald Ave

Stockton – near Pacific Ave

Brentwood – Sand Creek Rd

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