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19 year old woman claims Officer Miller is responsible for a black eye, chipping her tooth, and more! Hayward Police Department


Below is a story from 19 year old Carolina and her experience with Officer Miller badge #462 of the Hayward Police Department..

“Hello my name is Carolina and I’m 19 this happened to me on Friday night (11/16/18) and I wanted to see if you can help me spread the word . I want the world to see how disgusting Officer Miller did me. Long story short we were leaving 7-Eleven in Hayward, California as I got into the car and we backed up. Many police trap us out of no where! I was asked to get out the car, I did, I was 100% following there instructions especially when they have laser beams and dogs ready to come your way. I was slammed against the dashboard , I screamed, “wtf !!!” and blood came out mouth. Then he tried to say I spat on him so he flipped me and body slammed me on the concrete!  This is not okay. I want justice PERIOD. Many people were watching/ recording so please help me get the word out! This is not OKAY! My tooth is chipped, busted lips, minor concussion, busted eye, sprained shoulder  and I have no other way of putting it but I’m traumatized. I want justice! They need to train there staff better I thought they are suppose to protect and serve. I can’t sleep . I cry every time I explain it or think about , not because I’m sad because I’m angry and hurt! I want this officer to loose his badge! They need to train their staff the right way! I don’t want Officer Miller badge 462 from Hayward police department to hurt anyone else ever.. My name Carolina Olvera Instagram: @baconbluntss”

-UPDATE: “Office Miller is reported to be about 6”2 maybe 230 lb , white American male, ginger hair and he has facial hair. A lot of people have came to me and told me they’ve been Harassed by the same officer.”

-If anyone has info or videos of this incident or their own experience with Officer Miller of the Hayward Police Department email info@mrcheckpoint.com

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