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Police K9 BITES and SHAKES MAN LIKE A BONE! Graphic Video


Austin Lundy is the son of the victim James Lundy and sent the video and following description of what occurred here:

“The day of his Arrest was April 29th, 2023 at 11:59pm. My father’s name is James Robert Lundy the 3rd. The responding officers are from the St Lucie County Sheriff’s department. I don’t know if I mentioned it before but I did meet with the head of the K9 unit. This person gave me the heads up to do what I have to do basically saying that the officer was not in the wrong. Though as if he was not in the wrong, why was the case dismissed immediately?! The officer who I meant with did ask how my dad is doing. But it isn’t enough. I exclaimed to him my dad felt like he was being shook like a BONE!!

He also is suffering from depression because of this and was emotionally distraught at one point. The video is so outrageous & unacceptable to me because he was released the very next day. Following that day on May 18th, 2023, he did have a court date and attended which the case was dismissed immediately. He is a disabled person because he suffers with chronic neck as well as spinal pain.. My dad also owned a Air Conditioning company named “Top of the Line Air” he worked on ACs for 10 years altogether. The so-called victim who made the call suggested that they got in a physical altercation and mentioned that he put his hands on him when he did not touch him in any way. It is unclear to me why the other person who was involved was not arrested, being that in the affidavit it clearly states that the other individual is under the influence as well. He was not arrested or detained in any shape or harmed in any way or form either

I am in so much disbelief because my dad was jumped on. But where is this guy? I believe that this was handled wrongfully the charges they brought him on on were battery (that never happened) resisting arrest without violence and public intoxication all of which were dropped. This event happened in my hometown corner store everyone knows as the “White City Store ” and it is a well known local convenience store that many people go to on Midway and US1 in Fort Pierce, Florida. The K9 officer is said to go by the name Hunter and badge number is 369. My father claims that he told the other officers to keep the officer with the dog away from him because he has had problems with them before and in the video you see the k9 officer run away from my father lying on the ground to go get his dog. My father noticed and said “he’s going to get the dog to bite me he’s going to get the dog to attack me I told you” then right before the dog latches on you can hear my dad say “im rolling over I’m rolling over he’s says look there’s my fucking hand” and it’s when the dog latches on they conveniently start scream stop resisting. Not ever 10 seconds after that they have him handcuffed but the dog is still chewing him like a toy while the k9 officer pets the dogs head it took my dad begging him to get the dog before the k9 officer decided he had enough. This is completely unacceptable and someone needs to be held accountable the cop wasn’t aware he was being recorded and he got caught in the act of excessive force but nothing is being done.

All the charges were dropped and my father needs medical attention.”

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Date of incident: 4/29/2023

State/City: Florida, Fort Pierce

Department: St Lucie County Sheriff’s Department

Vanessa Lundy the Victims daughter sent these photos of her dad. These injuries are caused by the Police and their K9 dog.

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