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Mr. Checkpoint
DUI Checkpoint location service

What are people saying about Mr. Checkpoint? 

“Here’s an application that tells people were out here, this is publicity, this is a very good thing… If we can get people thinking about these checkpoints so they’re not driving drunk, then it’s good. Take a cab, or give your keys to a friend.”

-Lt. Shan Davis of Beverly Hills Police Department supported me on CBS

“You do good work… You’re not publicizing this information for drunks to avoid these stops, your publiziing this information to keep people responsible and keep people safe and that is a noble cause, so I commend you for what you are doing”

-Jon Taffer, of Bar Rescue

“A service like Mr. Checkpoint enhances this impact on perception by encouraging discussion.  I see the conversation being raised and drunk driving being prevented.  This is why a service like Mr. Checkpoint fits within the mission of DrinkingAndDriving.Org.”

– Allen Porter, President of DADO

“Mr. Checkpoint has to be your go-to website/app for knowing how to avoid trouble at night. In addition, he’s dedicated in every way to preventing DUI… What more could you ask?”

-Tom Leykis, blowmeuptom.com

“Advocacy group MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving is on board with the idea telling NBC4 that promoting DUI Checkpoints does in fact help people think twice about driving drunk”

-John Klemack of NBC 4 

“Hey ur updates do make me think twice just to throw that out there! It is true when you keep receiving text messages about DUI locations I m like wow I rather stay home lol thank you mr. checkpoint.”


“Tonight’s checkpoint proved to me that MrCheckpoint.com is legit!!! I live a block away and it’s true!!!”  

Bianca F.

“MrCheckpoint is clever & beneficial for society… >:)”

– Lindsey A.

“Thank you for all your great information! I love being notified on my phone where checkpoints are. It saves me a LOT of time. You have a service that is one of a kind!”

– Jose A.

“MrCheckpoint, you are simply awesome. :)”

– Alexis V.

“Just signed up for alerts on your website! Thank you for all the Helpful Info!! Don’t DUI Ever!!”

– Nena L.

“MrCheckpoint provides timely, useful police activity information, which heightens safety & reminds us all to stay responsible.”

– Zack B.

“MADD on board with MrCheckpoint publicizing checkpoints. Watch, share and let’s help reduce DUI’s in Los Angeles!”

– Xavier V.

“MrCheckpoint always keepin me posted and keepin us safe!! You rock <3”

– Jessica P.

“Thanks for helping me get to work on time. The Downey checkpoint today would have made me late for sure. Thanks for your service!”

 – Francisco A.

“I love this service. I love being notified straight to my phone of what’s going on in the area with checkpoints. I don’t drink and drive at all and I hate getting stuck in those situations. Great idea!!”

– Les K.

“Follow this guy on Instagram @mrcheckpoint_ He has all the latest and current corrupt police and sheriff activity all throughout the us and tells you where to avoid corrupt cops waiting to sight you a ticket, just hiding in someone’s driveway. Also, it’s very educational on your rights against corrupt authority.”

-Jennifer O.

“the absolute best. a true pioneer of justice.” 

-Steve T.

“Partying as much as we do, it’s always great to have this service available, very fair in pricing and very informative. I only wish mr checkpoint was around in the 90’s or even in the early 2000’s the amount of DUI and felony’s that would have been avoided.. The price you pay for this service is nothing compare to the price of a DUI.. Mr. Checkpoint for governor.”

-Amin M

“Yo sennett does everything from the heart! always replying to you even if he may not know the answer to your question he will lead you the in right direction. Shout out to this guy we need more people like him and things like this to keep the people informed just like what he does with  mr checkpoint.”

-Tony B.

“It’s awesome to have somebody like mr. Checkpoint on our side!! He give us real time information on the most important things happening around our city! I especially love the updated traffic reports! Thank you for creating this site! It is very helpful.”

-Shawna C.

“Amazing service that is being provided to the community. Really cares about the community and is extremely helpful. There are many instances that I have used his services. Great activist!”

-Vanessa H.

“This is of excellence, this movement is bringing silence to any abuse caused by our police system’s across the globe. It’s based on the people and the protection of our rights as people. This is a 5  movement and is on every point and aspect of any situation that occurs daily within our policing systems.”

-Bandman Y.

“Excellent Awareness of The City Surroundings and Great Traffic Reports! A Great Humanitarian. Love His Work”

-Tomi K.

“What this man has done for others is amazing. I can see the impact his change has on the world, showing that we need to film the police to hold them accountable, and feeding meters for strangers. Keep up the fantastic work man!”

-Tyler M.

“This is one of the most important services available in Los Angeles. Mr. checkpoint keeps the Los Angeles community safe and aware of traffic, checkpoints, accidents, and most importantly keeps our police accountable for their actions. Mr. Checkpoint is making Los Angles a safer for EVERYONE. Please support this service it is vital to the safety of our community.”

-Chelsey M.

“Extraordinary community action.  Mr Checkpoint discourages, warns, advocates, educates, and promoted daily on Instagram along with his app about never to drive drunk. He brings awareness and accountability to the forefront.  Police also need to be following the law and you ought to #AFTP Always Film The Police.  I highly recommend mr checkpoint to the entire community in which is served.”

-Scott P.

“Mr. Checkpoint this ages ROBIN HOOD except he’s not stealing but educating us on simple police interactions , importance of DUI, this guy is SOLID, creating an awesome service for the state. Thanks for giving it your all bro!!”

-Damn R.

“Wonderful peoples person thanks for everything you do sennett for everybody from every color shape or race god bless you and happy birthday brotha goodvibes.”

-Allan B.

“We need more people like Mr. Checkpoint he is the change we need in this planet. keep up the good work man! If I find any misbehaving piggies I’ll definitely drop you a line!”

-Ramiro H.

“Responds quickly to comments or questions. Has came through several times. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Ismael A.

“I’ve recently contacted the ig page of @mrcheckpoint_ regarding a question I had about a ticket. He responded within the hour and informed me about my options and connected me with a resource. I’ve been following the page for all of 2018 and have seen the hardwork and the information he puts out on his page. It has greatly benefited myself and others when it comes to maintaining an effective relationship with law enforcement. As he has mentioned, his page is in support of good law enforcement officials. He does what he can to ensure that we are aware of our rights as citizens in any situation regarding the law. I very much appreciate his page and hope that if you are reading this you follow and support him and his page as well. We need more selfless individuals pursuing equality and rights of Americans. Thank you for being such a reliable and effective source!”

-Yahaira M.

“The best app to help the community I follow mrcheckpoint since two years ago and I have only good things to say.”

-Angel G.

“I came across Mr. Checkpoint on social media. He is God sent and one of the most selfless people on earth. From adding change to your parking meter, to updating on checkpoint for smog checks, DUI, speed traps and ICE. His constant updates have helped his community tremendously and I personally will forever be grateful for his time and efforts!”

-Miriam M.

“I’ve been following his page for about a year now because I noticed cops starting to act weird where I was from and whatnot and from just checking out a few of his videos and posts he very much so believes in the justice system, but he believes that it should be done right and majority of the time leaves his videos open for discussion on the different perspectives. But he has been a major factor in southern California at least helping people with checkpoints and advice for wrongful tickets etc. I personally went to him for his opinion at around 2 in the morning and he quickly got back to me offering me advice on my situation. He’s not anti cop. But he very much so is Anti Bad Cop as he states in Various posts and videos. Thanks for the advice again!”

-Tyler J.

“Mr. Checkpoint is probably one of the most selfless people I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with through social media. He always goes above and beyond to help those in need and never expects anything in return. He helped me when I didn’t know where else to turn and for that I’m eternally grateful. We need more human beings like him in this world. He inspires me to be a better person every day. Keep doing what you’re doing Sennett! You are truly appreciated!”

-Mina C.

“Sennett (aka: Mr. Checkpoint) is a very stand up and trustworthy kind of guy. He always tries to show both good and bad stories that have to do with a wide range of knowledge that he feels people are interested in. He is always great about answering questions quickly and keeping everyone up to date with what’s going on when it comes to checkpoints, ICE, speed traps, traffic laws, etc.  Make sure you follow him everywhere you can on social media.”

-Tina P.

“This man shares very helpful information for the community. Don’t even judge. This helps us all. He is on point!”

-Joseph V.

“I love Mr. Checkpoint. Very humble always posting pix that you send to him. If you message him he’ll message back not matter how busy he is. I also love the fact if you post anything on his comments he’ll reply. He’s just an awesome dude, and respect him for what he does. TY MR. Checkpoint. And ty for what you do. You’re doing an awesome job.”

-Janet C.

“Where do I even begin? To start off, Sennett (Mr. Checkpoint) has created such a welcoming community full of people who, like him, do not care about the color of your skin, your sex, your financial status, nor your immigration status. Through the use of social media he has dedicated the last few years of his life to help others. By that I mean that Mr. Checkpoint has spent countless of hours editing videos for his community to share and spread awareness, he keeps us updated on checkpoints and smog checks, and even informs us when ICE is nearby. He is one of the very few accounts that actually interacts with his community (followers) and answers questions as soon as he can. You will never go past 24 hours without getting a detailed response. A common misconception is that Sennett is a lawyer. He is not, BUT he does try his best to give you advice on what to do next regarding whatever incident you’re in. This man has never asked for money besides for the services he offers. For as low as $1 a month you can be updated through texts with checkpoint information as well as smog checks and ICE locations as stated before. Although this sounds as if he is anti-cop, he is not. He, to the best of his ability, provides BOTH good and bad police interactions. It’s not his fault the bad outweigh the good. If my honest review is not enough, let’s talk about Mr. Checkpoint as a person. Although I do not know him personally, from what I have seen with what he posts and how he interacts with his followers, he is a very genuine and loving person. He does nothing but spread love and peace using his platform. I bought some stickers from him a while ago and without knowing he would do it, he personally wrote down little messages to keep someone going. That tiny act of kindness really went a long way for me. What this man is doing is an act of kindness that does not have an end in sight. I have yet to come across another account that is as devoted as his. I will forever be grateful for this account and the person who runs it. An absolute act of selflessness.”

-Andrea M.

“Not to many people see the world clearly for what is but also dream of what it could be. Mr.checkpoint does and he’s actively making everything better around him. True human being right here.”

-Connor K.

“The app, the social media platform, and the person behind it are all amazing. Sennett aka Mr.Checkpoint provides a transparency that is not only welcoming but refreshing. He goes out of his way to inform us about smog and DUI checkpoints not to “not get caught” but to avoid it all together; he wants what we all want – for everyone to be safe; people, pedestrians, peace officers. Everyone deserves to know their rights and be safe despite race, religion, sex, ethnicity etc. Nothing about Mr.Checkpoint is anti-cop in fact it’s pro-transparency. Users are welcome to share their experiences and use the platform to educate themselves and others so that we can all live in safer communities with accountability. I enjoy the app and the IG page because it’s extremely informative and just a helpful and useful tool that you literally have in your pocket (since most of us are mobile). Sennett is not a lawyer but is always willing to help steer you in the right direction with his contacts and that is admirable. I look forward to watching the Mr.Checkpoint Community grow and invite you to become part of it as well.”

-Marcia M.

“Very interesting and informative page! I’ve been following him for years.. His page is amazing! He’s very helpful and has answered every question I’ve asked him in the past. He knows his stuff and I’ve learned a lot from Mr. Checkpoint. Keep up the great work!”

-Manuel R.

“Great information posted on Instagram, helpful what to do and examples posted often and i heard there is also texted information with membership on check points and such. Down to earth guy. Unbelievable what he does for people and from what I understand is where most the money goes (paying people’s expired meters before they get a huge ticket.). Keeping police on check when possible, and even offered assistance to potential victims when possible. Between this guy and a few other’s out there helping to stop  corruption in the system by informing us and helping us fight. Give this guy a follow for a few weeks and see for yourself the benefits, and if that not enough check out the membership. You may not think you need this, but trust me, you do! This guy is awesome.”

-Casey S.

“Mr. Checkpoint is a blessing, My buisness travels and puts a lot of miles down and Mr Check point keeps us updated, When We have those California Christmas trees with us its always a must, to check mrcheckpoint before heading out! Not only that you won’t find a better dude out helping the community, Mrcheckpoint would give you the shirt off his back to make the world a better place.”

-Hershel K.

“Always comes thru with the check points, and places where cops are posted. Educates people on how to handle situations like when the 12 stops you.”

-Koresh R.

“Been following mr checkpoint for a while not only are his post informational and really helpful but also inspirational.  its been many times where im down and he post something that gets me up when im down.”

-Carlos G.

“Mr.Checkpoint is in the same league as all the innovators changing the world today for a better tomorrow.”


“Everyone check him out. Been following him since I found him about 1-2 yrs ago now maybe. Only good things to say. Follow. Him. You will not be disappointed!!”

-Crystal R.

“I constantly watch the page to be informed,I believe Mr.checkpoint truly shows real and educational posts about our community officers and other important situations, Two thumbs up to the owner of this page, people like this really make a difference in this world.”

-Joaquin B.

“One of the most epic Instagrahm accounts ever!! Keeps the police and meter maids honest and holds them accountable in a non aggressive way. Calls out the BAD COPS AS WELL AS THE GOOD ONES. He’s an honest guy and always looking out for the public. POLICE ARE HERE TO PROTECT AND SERVE. Always video the police. Thank you brotha. So much good KARMA coming your way.”

-Jimmy W.

“Freaking awesome person helping us all! Always record the police!!!! He gives phenomenal advise ;)”

-Irma T.

“Thank you for what you do! I’ve been following him for a bit and he always has great info. He is helping people understand their rights, ex: about video taping cops, not having to take certain tests, etc… I’ve even started feeding the meters and sending him pic/info about cops. Love is Instagram page. Follow him.”

-Valeska D.


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