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65 year old arrested after flipping cop off



Uncensored and Unedited video sent in by 65 year old Tom Specht who shared the video and following information below by filling out this form.  https://mrcheckpoint.com/submit/

Who Took This Footage? Tom Specht

When Was It Taken? Thursday, September 1, 2022

Can you describe what we are looking at? What Department? When? Where? Why?

South of granite falls mn on hwy 23. Yellow medicine county sheriff’s department and granite falls mn police department

Can you explain what happened after the video was taken?

I drove by a sheriff’s deputy Picard, yellow medicine county sheriff’s deputy, and flipped him off. Once he pulled me over, the video will show you, he illegally reached into my vehicle to grab something off my passengers seat. I got pissed and he pulled his gun on me, called for back up and when granite falls assistant chief got there, he immediately pulled his gun on me too. I was arrested, vehicle illegally searched, taken to jail, stripped, put in an orange suit and put in a cell, my vehicle towed, my hands bleeding from the brutal arrest and handcuffs. 5 hours later, I was told all charges were dropped. 3 hours later, I was told my wife would pick me up at 6am.

If you already had a court date, what was the outcome?

No court because all charges were dropped. MCI, which is yellow medicine county sheriff’s department and granite falls police departments insurance company contacted me shortly after I got released, admitted fault and wanted to settle.

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