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Traffic stop by NYPD results in 2 kidnappings


Uncensored and Unedited video sent in by Brian Denis (@BriMoneyTheHustler on IG) who shared the video and information below by filling out this form.  https://mrcheckpoint.com/submit/

Who Took This Footage?

My friend who was in the passenger seat

When Was It Taken? 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Can you describe what we are looking at? 

NYPD’s Finest Dirty Cops 40th Precinct. This was March 9th 2021 On 139th st. and 3rd Ave in The Bronx.

Me and my friends were just ending our night I was about to drop everyone home and before that could happen I got pulled over right after the light turned green. All together it was four of us in the car I’m Hispanic and my friends are black so I’m assuming that’s why I got pulled over because we sure didn’t commit any crime. As soon as the cop got to my window he didn’t even ask for i.d he just said “get out the car” my response was “what crime am I suspected of committing?” That was never answered he just kept repeating “get out the car” and I kept repeating “what crime am I suspected of committing?” eventually my friend starts recording and somehow the cop on the passenger side opened the door as I’m going back and forth with the cop on the driver side he pressed unlock then when they did not get what they wanted they opened my door unbuckled my seatbelt and snatched me out the car slammed me against the car and arrested me. Out of four of us they arrested two and did not find anything in the car or on us.

Can you explain what happened after the video was taken?

They took my car and me and my friends nephew were arrested or should I say kidnapped. Backup and a captain were on the scene I asked the captain if I can speak to him he looked at me and kept walking. One of the cops that was backup put me in the car and threatened to F me up he also said he’s above the captain and if he wants me to spend a weekend in central Bookings he will make that happen. I chose not to argue at this point I just couldn’t wait until it was over so I can call my lawyer. We stood in the precinct for 3 hours, when we got released we were given a ticket that said we had a joint in the car (Marijuana cigarette) not only was that a lie that’s not enough to arrest us over, it’s been decriminalized in NY since 2013 to where you can have up to 2 ounces on you. Shortly after this arrest NY became recreationally legalized and we can now have up to 3 ounces on us so really again one joint is not a reason to arrest us. The case was dismissed being that NY is fully legalized now.

Were you given a citation? If so, what is the citation for and when do you have a court date?

The citation was 221.05 (Marijuana) which is now deleted in New York now that we are recreationally legalized. They claimed they found a joint in my car. The court date was 6/4/21. Case was dismissed as my court date was way after New York State fully legalized Marijuana and they claimed I had a joint in the car.


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