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California + Weed = 4 things you should know.


1. Cali is the 6th state to allow stores to sell weed with various licenses and regulations. However, you must know weed is still illegal under federal law. Federal law runs our airports, so even if staying in a state that allows for marijuana, it is illegal and dumb to bring it on the plane or to the airport. The federal agents that work at the airports don’t care about the rec card or these laws.

2. Your rec card will no longer be needed to buy weed, instead you will need your ID showing you are 21 or older.

3. You can smoke on private property if owner or landlord allows, but just┬ábecause you can smoke a cigarette somewhere doesn’t mean you can smoke the sacred herb there. There soon will be

4. You can not drive while high, and you certainly can not drive while smoking weed. Doing so can result in a DUI. You can also get a ticket if passengers are smoking weed in the moving vehicle as well.

Did I leave something out? Let me know below!

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