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Cops stopping a man for just walking home. This OFFICER ORTH has been known to do this.


According to Beverly Hills police department you too can file a complaint based on this video you watched that Mr Checkpoint filmed of officer Orth on the evening of July, 9, 2016. The number to call is 24/7 and is 310-285-2125.

I was walking home from dinner when I saw a Beverly Hills Police SUV pulled over and 2 officers outside the car speaking to what appeared to me as a minority. I have found out the male officers name is OFFICER ORTH. As Mr Checkpoint, I have received several messages and calls that mentioned officers in Beverly Hills pulling their car over and questioning people walking.

All the people questioned by the officers were minorities. As a white male I’ve never had the privilege of police just pulling me over and asking me questions. Once the officer asked the gentlemen being questioned if he knew me you can hear him say no but he doesn’t mind me filming. In just a few seconds the guy is able to walk away and can get home. If this is how minorities need to be protected when talking to the police then so be it.. I’ll be there filming every time.

The officer was trying to make me feel as if I was doing something wrong by assuming he was a minority. My assumptions don’t put innocent people in jail or shoot them. In my opinion the male officer was unprofessional and didn’t even seem to listen to my response. I have called the department to go on a ride along and am patiently waiting.

If you have videos of beverly hills police send them!


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