Thursday 8/2 DUI Checkpoint in Fullerton

 8:30pm-2:30am - Fullerton - Harbor Blvd, off 91 Freeway

Jul-28-2018 DUI Checkpoints Saturday

This post will be updated frequently as new locations come in, with email reminders at 6pm, 9pm, & midnight. Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints Los Angeles -...

Jul-27-2018 DUI Checkpoints Friday

List will continue to be updated throughout the night with email notification sent as reminder to check at 9pm & Midnight. Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints Hollywood...

7/27-7/28 Weekend DUI Checkpoints

This post is a public post that we share for free. To be updated with real time locations that we post at 6, 9,...

Jul-26-2018 Smog Checkpoint Sun Valley

11AM - Smog Checkpoint - Sun Valley - N Laurel Canyon Blvd & Sheldon St - July 26th

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