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What kills more dogs a year, chocolate or cops?


Because opinions don’t matter here are the numbers.

CHOCOLATE AND DOGS:  In 2020, the Animal Poison Control Center’s helpline reported handling 76 cases of “chocolate exposure” every day. Chocolate ranked fourth among the APCC’s latest list of top pet toxins. According to the Veterinary Poisons Information Service from the U.S., out of 1,000 dog chocolate toxicity cases recorded in its database, only five dogs died.

Simple math taking 76 everyday times 365 days in a year is 27,740 dogs reported to having chocolate exposure per year.

If 5 dogs die per 1,000 dog chocolate reports and there is 27,740 reports.

Dividing the reports by 1,000 and multiplying it by 5, it equals 138.7 dogs die a year from chocolate or 1 dog dies every 2 1/2 days. 

COPS AND DOGS: It is estimated by a Department of Justice official that United States Law Enforcement Officer kill around 10,000 dogs annually, which equates to about 25 to 30 dogs each day. 

The ANSWER: Your dog is 72X more likely to be killed by police than chocolate. I wish as many people who know chocolate is dangerous for dogs knew the police were too.


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