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“Gangsters & Dope Dealers in my hood were angels compared to the LAPD “


A message from a recent contributor of Mr. Checkpoint, sign up here to support the movement for the people, by the people.

“Happy Holidays,

I’ve contributed $10.00 for now hoping that it will help some. I don’t need the service of the texts you provide for now, but I did want to show you some appreciation for helping us not feel depressed, hopeless, defeated & police punching bags. I was born and raised in Watts and as soon as I could run away from my home, I did. I left once I started college 20 yrs ago with hopes and dreams to move my mother and two older twin brothers out the hood. I currently still own a nice house there, but I refuse to stay, return or even visit all because of the police. My family I have been abused, traumatized, harassed and stalked by the Southeast Police Division for years. As a little girl growing up that never got into trouble, I was extremely terrified of the police and housing authority police. As a child I have been treated as a criminal, made to put my hands up at gun point, thrown to the floor, bruised, verbally and physically asaulted, threatened of rape and robbed. All this has not happened by the gang members or the drug dealers nor the crackheads in my community, no, it’s all been done by the LAPD. Gangsters & Dope Dealers in my hood were angels compared to the LAPD and continue to be. Police would come into our house with no cause, hand cuff my brothers, laugh at my sweet petite mother and threaten me that they would shoot my dog because I was holding it innocently believing that they would put my doggie into dog jail (the pound). They would open our fridge, drink our juice, eat our food and simply congregate in our home and dared us to say anything. 10 to 20 officers in our living room and kitchen at any day and hour of the night or day. I developed PTSD because of the men in blue and I’m a grown woman of almost 40 with no criminal record born in one of the worst low income neighborhoods known to man and all I have to say about my life and my families life, is that because of our ethnicity, color of skin and income level, our entire lives have been ruined because of the Police and unfair justice system. I continue to be terrified of the police and that’s why I’m greatful for God blessing the world with a wonderful courageous young man that gives us hope, empowerment and support when it comes to police brutality that has ruined and taken many lives. Thanks for all the hard work because for many years people like me and my family have been called liars and our voices have been ignored by anyone and everyone, simply because “an officer of the law would never do that”. I will periodically contribute as much as I can and as often often as I can if God permits. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Albina F. 


P.S. I hope my story my experience helps you and gives you insight of how psychologically damaging it is to be an innocent child growing up being afraid and permanently harmed by the ones that literally job description is to save you. Police killed me before I could even develop mentally healthy, they sucked the life out to the extent you simply don’t even believe it ever get better. All those thoughts, all in the mind of a 7 year old. 

Be well, God Bless & Be Safe 🙂 ”

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