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I’ve outlined 5 steps with links and all the info needed for the best chance to bring light to a dark situation. I see videos regularly of people abusing their power, but never have I seen someone degrade another human being who is so helpless. I’m not just anti bad cop, I am anti anyone who abuses their power and it’s my opinion this security guard who is alleged to be “Eric Fine” assaults and falsely imprisons Jimmy while intimidating to be a police officer. I believe he shouldn’t just lose his @palisades_patrol_ job, he should be charged for these crimes. If you agree, go to the link in my bio. Whatever step you decide to do, come back to this post and comment “DONE” and share if you wish. Together we can make a difference. #mrcheckpointcommunity #AFTP . @realdlhughley @georgelopez @snoopdogg @kevweaver @itsjasonflom @shaunking @llcoolj @treysongz @ijessewilliams @matt_barnes9 @matthewcookeofficial @ericgarcetti @mayorofla @troubleman31 @yourrightscamp @4biddenknowledge @chididdy26 @standup911 @connecting_consciousness @johnnbcla @guadvenegas

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