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He was serving a 121 prison sentence. This is how he is a free man.


This was a LIVE interview on https://www.instagram.com/mrcheckpoint_/ with Baxter. Baxter is a self employed Legal Life Coach. He first took an interest in the law while studying in the law library during his 121 year prison sentence. After successfully fighting for his freedom, upon release Baxter attended Tulsa Community College‚Äôs Paralegal Studies program and graduated with honors. Shortly after graduation Baxter founded the non-profit organization, #racismstinks. #racismstinks hosts educational events such as the annual Race Against Racism. In addition, Baxter teaches a monthly class called “Home Safe” to inform citizens how best to protect themselves when encountered with law enforcement. If you want to support the Mr. Checkpoint movement with as little as $1 a month, which will get you released-time DUI Checkpoint alerts then click here: https://mrcheckpoint.com/membership/ If you’re on instagram follow us.. https://www.instagram.com/mrcheckpoint_/

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