Scroll down to download the full motion that was filed by Attorney Rosenberg, the criminal defense attorney who represents Edin Alex Enamorado.


I, Sennett Devermont, state and declare on information and belief, as follows:

1. I am an investigative journalist with first-hand knowledge regarding the case of PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA v. EDIN ALEX ENAMORADO and the other 7 defendants pertaining to this case. I sat inside the Victorville courtroom for all preliminary hearings when all witnesses testified and were cross examined.

2. In the testimony and cross examination of Detective Travis Johnson, Detective Blake Foyil, and Detective Alejandro Duran (the lead Detectives) it was clearly stated that in the case of “conspiracy” there were no informants or people working with the police.

3. I believe there are two individuals who are partners and live together, whom I will refer to herein as Karen and Kyle to protect their identity because I believe they are actively working with the police, that first appear according to videos I have seen on 9/12/2023.

4. Karen and Kyle are confirmed by video to have shown up to at least a dozen
demonstrations in a 90-day range (sometimes showing up first) where they mostly seem to stay to themselves while Kyle would film and live stream to an audience sharing information he would later screenshot into the “GROUP DM”. The live streams Kyle made all seem to disappear when they end. Many people confirmed they were told by Karen and Kyle to not film them and would intentionally attempt to stay out of the cameras view. Kyle is often seen wearing accessories to cover his face.

5. Karen and Kyle both made several racial epithets towards white people specifically verbally and in writing. Karen wrote in the “GROUP DM”, “Kyle says if her white community friends show up we are letting them have it!” Kyle wrote in the “GROUP DM”, “I don’t shake hands with no fucking cop or white person.” Karen and Kyle used various obscenities toward people and police in person at demonstrations.

6. Karen and Kyle were regularly sharing the following types of information in a
“GROUP DM”; names, pictures, addresses, social media accounts, phone numbers, employment history, relatives names and info among other details of others to people in the group chat without being provoked or asked. Because these two would consistently be a fast source of personally identifying information that wasn’t even being asked for, I believe they intended to incite, entice, and entrap people in the “GROUP DM” to take actions that later would result in arrests of several defendants in this case. Many people openly joked and asked about Karen and Kyle saying the following, “What are you guys FBI?”, or “How do you get the info so fast? you guys are so quick together”. Kyle shared screenshots that Mayor Acquanetta Warren was viewing his social media posts. Kyle made statements like, “Give us the names and a possible city for these people. We got you.”.

7. On a reverse look up of the phone Karen was using to communicate with people goes to the name Alexander Duran and registered out of Victorville, San Bernardino County. When I asked why that would be, Karen then made 3 different statements that conflict with one another which was; she got a new phone a few months ago, to a year ago, to 2 years ago. Since Karen was asked, both her and Kyle have since changed or deleted their social media profiles and have gone radio silent from a majority of people that they were once interacting with regularly.


1. 9/9/2023 a “GROUP DM” was made (Karen or Kyle were not included at this time) by Edin Alex Enamorado to get people together for a surprise birthday party for his partner, Wendy Luhan. The chat discusses what is needed regarding decorations, cake, gifts, etc.

2. 9/12/2023 Upland demonstration, Karen and Kyle are present.

3. 9/14/2023 Santa Ana demonstration, Karen and Kyle are present.

4.  9/24/2023 demonstration leads to Mr. Carwash incident with John Doe 3, Karen and Kyle are present. Karen is seen by several people, (also confirmed by video) of Karen using her water bottle to spray water from on John Doe 3 which makes contact with his face and gray t shirt. Several people were arrested including defendants Wendy Luhan and David Chavez. Neither Karen or Kyle are arrested.

5. 9/26/2023 Upland City Council meeting, Karen and Kyle are present.

6. 9/27/2023 San Bernardino Sheriff Detective Alejandro Duran who is one of the leaddetectives in the multi-agency case joins the “conspiracy” investigation claims thedefendants were using group chats and technology to DOX people whereas information came from Karen and Kyle.

7. 9/30/2023 Anaheim demonstration, Karen and Kyle are present.

8. 10/02/2023 Riverside demonstration, Karen and Kyle are present.

9. 10/7/2023 Alameda buyout, Karen and Kyle are present.

10. 10/19/2023 Baldwin Park demonstration, Karen and Kyle are present and first ones there. People wonder how that’s possible and who Karen and Kyle are because they were not in “GROUP DM” at that point.

11. 10/23/2023 – Karen and Kyle enter the “GROUP DM” and within 24 hours they share Fontana Mayor Acquanetta’s home addresses, pictures, and information. (Mayor Acquanetta is part of the discovery in this case.)

12. 10/24/2023 Several people go to the Fontana city council meeting, Karen and Kyle are present. From there Kyle said he would go to a different address he found for Mayor Acquanetta and encouraged others to go to 14222 address which he also located as Mayor Acquanettas home. Police were waiting at the 14222 address when Edin Alex Enamorado and others arrived. Edin Alex Enamorado and Lorenzo were both arrested in front of 14222 Acquanetta’s house. The 14222 address was being broadcasted on Kyle’s Instagram Feed where people were commenting other addresses.

13. 10/27 Mayor Acquanetta of Fontana files a “petition to prevent workplace violence” which is denied by the court the same day.

14. 11/14/2023 at around 7pm Kyle shares the Mayor of Fontana address in the “GROUP DM”.

15. 11/15/2023 -Fontana City Council meeting – Edin Alex Enamorado, Stephanie
Amesquita and Vanessa Carrasco get arrested. Kyle and Karen are both present.

16. 11/17/2023 Fontana City Council meeting with Kyle and Karen were present.

17. 11/20/2023 Tustin City demonstration, Kyle and Karen were present.

18. 11/25/2023 East Los Angeles demonstration, Kyle and Karen were present.

19. 12/03/2023 Riverside demonstration, Kyle and Karen were present with 2 children

20. 12/10/2023 Apple Valley demonstration, Edin Alex Enamorado was detained and Kyle and Karen were present.

21. 12/14/2023 8 of the defendants were raided between 3 am to 4 am.

Therefore I am informed and believe that Kyle and Karen are Police infiltrators and informants and that all 3 detectives named above in this case lied under oath.

On February 2, 2024, I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California that the forgoing is true except as to those matters on information and belief, and as to those matters I am informed of them and believe them.

Sennett Devermont




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