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Officer punching a 14 year old girl


Shared from Michael Dennis: So this is my 14yr old niece getting Punched by Coral Springs PD all because she “back talked him.” Because her n her friends where told to leave the mall by those punk ass security mall fake cops who called for backup on HS kids, When she was already leaving because some boy spit in her face so instead of beating his ass she stood up and was walking out and was confronted by these Dickheads and thrown to the grown and punched because she couldn’t get her hands free from under her when they where trying to handcuff her. Like Really!? What cop in his right would do this shit. WTF was he thinking to Punch a 14yr girl like that!? ???????? this cop needs to be put on blast and the city for not giving two shits..

This is Coral Spings PD response on social media..



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