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[UPDATE] Bad cop caught on tape arresting sober driver for DUI “Drunk Driving”


I had to make this video for 2 reasons. 1 is because in the video I originally posted that has over 3 million views has over 8,000 comments, many of which people telling me I have to perform a Field Sobriety Test or result is arrest. This video proves the outcome which many didn’t believe. Secondly, this video shows that officer Koby Arnold is still an employed officer of the santa monica police department which was also a question I frequently received.

Koby Arnold is a police officer with the Santa Monica Police Department who has been involved in several controversial incidents. One notable case involved the wrongful arrest of Sennett Devermont in December 2011. Devermont was pulled over and arrested for DUI despite there being insufficient evidence to support the charge. The incident led to a lawsuit, and Devermont eventually received a $70,000 settlement from the city only because he had footage of the stop​​​​. The case highlighted several issues, including questionable evidence and the potential misuse of authority and the need to Always Film The Police.

During the stop, Arnold claimed that Devermont exhibited signs of intoxication such as slurred speech and bloodshot eyes, which Devermont disputed. Audio recordings from the incident did not support Arnold’s claims of slurred speech, leading to further scrutiny of the arrest​​.

Another notable incident involving Arnold is the lawsuit filed by Paul Burke. Burke alleged that he was wrongfully arrested and mistreated by Arnold. This lawsuit, like Devermont’s case, underscores ongoing concerns about police conduct and accountability. These incidents have contributed to discussions about the need for better oversight and training within the Santa Monica Police Department to prevent misuse of authority and ensure fair treatment.

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