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Father arrested and searched while with 15 year old son…


Reported to Mr. Checkpoint from family wanting to remain anonymous, in fear of retaliation from officers.. Here is their story..

“On 11/01/2018 at approximately 9pm, My husband was returning home from picking up our son from basketball practice. When he turned into the driveway, the police car turned on their lights and turned in behind him. Two police officers exited their vehicle and approached the truck. He was asked where he was going and if he had weapons in the truck. He told them that this was his home and he was picking up his son from basketball practice. They never asked for the registration or proof of insurance, only his ID. I asked if my 15 year old son could be released because he was scared and the officer yelled for me to step back. When my husband was asked about his ID, he informed the police that he may have his wallet in his jacket pocket but that he wasn’t going to move. The entire time, my son has his hands up as instructed by his dad (you can see it in the video). I went into the house to make sure it wasn’t on the table and to check his other jacket.

My husband gave his name and ID number to the police. The police returns 5 minutes later and tells my husband to step out the vehicle. That’s when we start recording. He proceeds to ask him if he’s sure that he has no weapons on him or in the vehicle. My husband assured him that he doesn’t. He frisked and his wallet is located. The police officer tells him that he lied and handcuffs him. My husband asks him what did he lie about and he responds, “you said you didn’t have your wallet.” He tells him, “I said I wasn’t going to reach in my pockets.” He places my husband in the police car. They then ask my son to step out the vehicle and search him. At this time I am informed that they’re going to search our truck for weapons. Consent was not given. After frisking my son, they went through our entire truck. Once they were done, my husband was released and they left. They never gave a reason for pulling into our driveway, handcuffing my husband or why they searched our vehicle. He was not cited or anything. They never checked the registration or requested proof of insurance for the vehicle.

This took place in Pasadena, CA on Belmont Ave. The officers names are unknown.”

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