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What is the LOT COP? #LOTCOP

Lot Cop
What is the LOT COP?

This is the LOT COP.. they have two of them in the parking lot in the #walmart in Sanger, CA near Fresno.. It’s essentially autonomous security. Face Rec., has a speaker on top, infrared cameras, 2 x 360 degree day/night maybe 100x zoom cameras, sirens on the top, and then the flashing blue lights running at all times. The “LOT COP” by Liveview Technologies. Looks like some night security/tech firm and selling it as security solutions.. #lotcop in Was Mart…

Walmart on N. Texas st Fairfield
Walmart in Baldwin Park – Big Dalton Ave & Merced
Shopping Plaza at Atlanta/College Park
Walmart on Gosford dr. In southwest Bakersfield
Walmart in Pico Rivera
Walmart in Citrus heights Auburn blvd
Walmart on Gosford dr. In southwest Bakersfield
Walmart on Beach and Lincoln Anaheim
Walmart on Walters rd & hwy 12 Suisun city
Walmart Englewood CO
Walmart Ellenton Florida
Walmart Chicago, IL 111th

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?comment below if you’ve seen these in your city. The more we know about where they are, the better. Please include city and streets. More specific the better.?


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