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Prioritizing UCLA and Olympics over Homeless and Disabled Veterans in Los Angeles


It is 2024 and if you do not already know, Los Angeles is the Nation’s capital of Veteran Homelessness and suicide. What makes this hard truth even worse is how avoidable this is.

In 1888, over 900 acres was donated via several deeds by powerful and wealthy people to have the federal government the custodian to the land that is meant to be a HOME for homeless and disabled Veterans. For nearly a century, the Soldiers’ Home, Pacific Brand, also known as the West Los Angeles VA,was a home for four to five thousands homeless and disabled Veterans on any given night.

They were offered services and rehabilitation and lived in buildings rent free for the sacrifice of their service.

Today, over four to five thousand Veterans sleep on the streets and curbs of Los Angeles because third party entities like UCLA, Brentwood School and third party developers and contractors are illegally occupying the Veterans land. They made up terms like “Veteran Centric” and “Campus” to try and turn what is supposed to be a home for the homeless Veterans into a playground for Brentwood elitists and politicians.

If you did not know about the C&H Tract you can learn more about it here. 

If you want to know why I mention the Olympics, it is because they are planning to HOUSE olympic athletes and trainers on Veterans Ave the 36 acres illegally and immorally taken from the Veterans. See articles below.

If the politicians wanted to make change and put the biggest dent in Veterans homelessness in Los Angeles by housing over 3,000 homeless and disabled Veterans who are the only Stakeholders of the deed restricted 900+ acres including the C&H Tract on Veterans Ave.












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