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Plaintiff in the Veteran Lawsuit Wants OUT!


Clarification: Jessica Miles mentions Rob Reynolds works for the VA. To clarify Rob Reynolds is an independent contractor for Concourse Federal pertaining to the West Los Angeles VA.

I believe KTLA and other news outlets continue to misrepresent the lawsuit by attorney Mark Rosenbaum from Public Counsel who has many relationships with UC Regents including teaching at UCLA.

Mark Rosenbaum was also the attorney who originally represented homeless and disabled Veterans in Valentini V Shinseki. That’s when one really good judgement occured by Judge Otero in 2013 that stated the following Judgement..

This was replaced with the worst things to happen to homeless and disabled Veterans in Los Angeles… Mark Rosenbaum and his team of lawyers created a non enforceable agreement directly with the VA to “promise” housing.

This unenforceable agreement replaced the judgement, and the result is today there are more Homeless Veterans today than there were then. They celebrated at the time like it was a WIN even though it was all a front… A front to allow the illegal and immoral land grabbers to continue occupying and making money off of the West LA VA, Soldiers’ Home.

Just as public awareness on the truth begins to hit an all time high, Mark Rosenbaum and a team of lawyers from Inner City Law and Public Counsel (both entities have VA contracts) create another lawsuit representing homeless and disabled Veterans against the VA. Why in the request for relief, are the third party entities like UCLA and Brentwood School and Private Developers planning to build a mega mall and hotel not mentioned? Why are the lawyers not mentioning any of the following in the request for relief???

-For UCLA to leave the C&H Tract where 3,000+ UCLA Graduate students live on West LA VA, Soldiers’ Home. UCLA can also leave the baseball field and building 220.

-For Salvation Army’s Westwood Transitional to allow Jessica Miles and her daughter and allow more homeless Veteran families to move in rather than letting three times more civilians to live there when it is also on West LA VA, Soldiers’ Home. Westwood Transitional history and info

-For Veterans to stop having to pay rent and have their disability income and benefits on land deed restricted to be their home for the sacrifice of their service. Up to five thousand Veterans used to live on Soldiers’ Home in buildings rent free and were provided services to get well and re enter society better than when they entered.

-To STOP the town center mega mall and hotel development on Soldiers Home in our Nation’s capital of Veteran homelessness.

-To NOT destroy the VA hospital which is the biggest VA, most functional and staffed VA hospital in the world.

-Stop third party non veteran special interest like Brentwood School, UCLA,  US Vets, Vets Advocacy, Step Up, Village For Vets, Concourse Federal, Awen Solutions etc. from exploiting West Los Angeles VA, Soldiers Home for its land, funding, and the only stakeholder which are United States homeless and disabled Veterans.

-To NOT destroy the Veterans memorial under the bridge that was created and hand painted by homeless and disabled Veterans.

-To stop the Enhanced Use Lease from continuing allowing entities to illegal lease federally deed restricted land.

-Stop the Veterans Collective from shrinking Soldiers Home into 70 acres. That is their goal. To turn what was 900 acres into 70. Unfortunately due to greed and corruption, more than half of Soldiers’ Home has already been taken. We must not allow Brentwood elitists to be prioritized over Homeless and disabled Veterans on their own land.


Is sure seems like a conflict of interest for lawyers involved with entities (Public Counsel and Inner City Law) contracted with the VA are suing the VA rather than the entities actually committing the fraud…

Here is Public Counsel website talking about their legal office at the West Los Angeles VA in 2011. https://publiccounsel.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/Public-Counsel-Annual-Report-2011.pdf

Here is Inner City Law VA Partnership with West Los Angeles VA https://www.va.gov/ogc/docs/legalservices.pdf

Here is Inner City Law center’s revocable lease which is “C.T.R.S.” according to https://www.westladraftmasterplan.org/land-use-partnerships which is a site run by  Concourse Federal Group



If you would like to listen to interview excerpts from a former executive level contractor and VP of Concourse Federal, click here.


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